Pediatric Surgery Clinic

About Our Clinic: Our pediatric surgical team is highly skilled in both general surgery and specialized surgery, providing care to children ranging from newborns to 15 year-olds. We are well-known for our expertise in neonatal surgery and minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires a small incision and the use of a camera which aids in less pain and speeds up recovery time. The surgical procedures that we perform are as follows:

  1. Esophageal atresia
  2. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
  3. Intestinal atresia
  4. Gastroschisis
  5. Hirschsprung’s disease
  6. Hernia
  7. Hydrocele
  8. Undescended testis

Regular Hours: Monday - Friday (9:00am – 12:00pm)

Location: 2nd floor of Siam Boromrajkumari building

Contact Us: Dial 1415 ext. 2214